20 November 2005

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

I went to see the new HP movie with a couple of friends yesterday and I had a great time. If you're expecting me to do an in-depth review, I'll have to disappoint you. My memory of the source material is so bad that I would not be able to do a decent comparison. I can say, however, that a person who has not read the books could still enjoy this movie. I couldn't really say that about the other movies, especially the first one which was rather disjointed. The pacing of this one seemed to be more like the British TV shows that I've watched, although I could just be projecting that onto the film because I know that the director (Mike Newell) is British.

Hats off to the costume designer, Jany Temime (yes, I was impressed enough to look her up). The blue hats and traveling robes that the Beauxbatons students wear are gorgeous! I also like the sports robes that the TriWizard champions wear. They definitely look like they should be in the Adidas Magic line.

I've seen a bit of fuss made about Emma Watson (Hermione) coming of age and looking more like a woman in this movie (she is the latest celebrity minor to inspire a countdown clock), but nobody has commented on the guys. Besides Daniel Radcliffe (Harry), several of the supporting lads have gone from goofy to almost appealing. Tom Felton (Draco) is getting even better looking, Matthew Lewis (Neville) is looking a lot less homely, and Rupert Grint is growing into an attractive man body. A good haircut would fix them all right up.
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