24 December 2005

Despite all of our planning efforts, we are still part of the last-minute Christmas rush. I am sitting here, knitting furiously while watching sappy Lifetime movies. ABM is out trying to pick up the basketball goal that C2 requested. I still have to set up the new computer and the PDA for M. Let us not forget that this is also our wedding anniversary, so we also want to squeeze in Chinese takeout and a movie before midnight. So much for a relaxed Christmas Eve.

While ABM was at Wal-Mart, he ran into a relative. She was looking for a set of Knifty Knitter looms. ABM went into panic mode because he had just come from the craft store where he had purchased a set for her Christmas gift. What are the odds? We barely talk to this relative during the year but we knew that she took up crocheting recently (we bought her a copy of "Hip to Crochet" last Christmas). My poor husband called me in a tizzy, wondering what to do. He ended up pretending that he didn't know what she was talking about. She said that she was just going to head on home since she had a long day. ABM thought he was out of the woods until a friendly clerk told our relative that the set could be found at the craft store next door. It is almost guaranteed that she went over and bought it, so we will be giving a duplicate gift. I said don't sweat it; she can always regift :-).
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