25 December 2005

Pulled it off again; Madonna

Yes, this is a good Christmas. The kids all enjoyed their presents and ABM seemed to enjoy his. My pile was small but meaningful; I can't complain because I have heat in my house and another gift-getting opportunity in two weeks (^_~). The best part, however, is that I got out of the visiting ritual yet again. ABM haven't discussed this deal at great length (frankly I'm scared to jinx it), but it is understood that he doesn't have to buy me much if I get to stay home and avoid the house-to-house holiday torture. In return, I usually do him a solid by cleaning or performing a computer task. The best Christmas exchange ever!

Am I the only one who thinks that the '70s look doesn't suit Madonna? That Farrah hair (we used to call it "flybacks") and blue eyeshadow only highlights the wrinkles on her face. Her body looks great for a 20-year-old, never mind a 40-something mom of two. Still, I can't help longing for the looks she sported in Evita or Dick Tracy to soften up her face.
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