23 February 2006

This Diamond Ring

There are days when I wonder what is happening to my brain. ABM bought me a lovely wedding ring set for Christmas. It was nothing extravagant, just CZ and sterling silver which is exactly what I wanted. (Why should he spend a ton of money on a diamond when CZ looks just as good to my eye?) He bought the right size but the rings wouldn't fit. I can get them on but they are just tight enough to be uncomfortable after an hour. They have been sitting in a drawer since Christmas. Every day I look at my hands, trying to find some sign that the weight I've gained has made my hands fatter; I just don't see it. Yesterday, while watching a wedding on TV, I figured out the problem. I've been trying to put the rings on my right hand. It has been so long since I've worn a wedding ring that I forgot that it goes on my left hand. My left ring finger is smaller than my right, so the rings fit fine on that finger. Sometimes I think all my useful knowledge is seeping out of my ears at night, leaving me with nothing but trivia.

Today's exercise: Pseudo-kickboxing video
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