23 February 2006

Water Cooler Talk: Project Runway


This is the show where they bring back all the contestants that were voted off previously, hence the title. I guess they do this before the fashion week episode to heighten the suspense. Whatever. Here are the highlights as I saw them:

--John Wade lost so much weight he is almost unrecognizable. It looks good on him.

--Kirsten Ehrig is seven months' pregnant.

--Santino, in his arrogance, still thinks that he is a compassionate person. He is a jerk whose only redeeming feature is his hilarious impression of Tim Gunn.

--A lot of the talk-back clips contained conversations that I didn't remember from the episodes. This must be the stuff that was left on the cutting room floor the first time around.

--Guadalupe sounded like she was smashed. She wasn't making any sense.

--Oh, my God! If they had shown the whole 9:53 minutes of Andrae's outburst on TV, I would have thrown a shoe at my TV. The man needs help.

Overall, the reunion was only mildly interesting. I think these scenes would have been put to better use if they had been used to spice up some of the more boring episodes.
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