19 July 2006

Poetry Thursday: Let's Talk about Sex

The discussion this week turns to sex and poetry. This amuses me because I have spent the past month or so immersed in that very topic. I have been recording segments for a podcast where I read rap and hip-hop lyrics as if they were poetry. I pick my own lyrics to recite, so I have been wading through this stuff for weeks. If you thought that rap was sexually charged already, try reading the lyrics out loud without music! There was no way I could come up with a new poem on the subject with Nelly Furtado and the Pussycat Dolls running through my head.

With no new poetry to post, I turned to my back catalogue to bail me out. Sex was on my mind a lot when I wrote poetry 20 years ago. Looking through my notebook, I see now that the sex on my brain didn't make it to the page. Most of my romantic poems were more about longing than actual physical contact. Since I didn't write a new poem for today, I am going to share two old ones.

They melted together
Into one
Like a double-scoop ice cream cone,
The chocolate swirling into the vanilla
Until one is indistinguishable
From the other
In the heat of the steamy August night.

--Dani Sanders, 04 October 1989


If I told you
That I have forgotten
How it feels
To be touched by you,
Would you refresh
My memory
And hold me again?
Would you circle me
With strong arms
While you place
A tender kiss
On my eagerly awaiting lips?
Or would you
Pull me towards you
Knowing that sometimes
Is what excites me
Just a few hours
Of your existence
Is all I need
To awaken my senses
And remind me
What it is
To be a woman

--Dani Sanders, 03 April 1988
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