22 July 2006

Sometimes it isn't about the door you walk through, but what you do once you get in

Telly Nelly mentioned in his comment on my Kelly Clarkson post that he had trouble liking her at first because she came on the scene via "American Idol". I am NOT a big fan of AI, either. I didn't even watch it at all during the season when Kelly Clarkson won. However, I know that performers may have to walk through some strange doors to get recognized in show business. In the case of AI winners, I try to reserve judgement until I see what they do after they have completed their AI commitment. Sometimes they shine when they stop trying to be America's Singer and go off into the genre with which they are most comfortable. Of course, there are others who really like to sing dreck. I'm not naming any names because I would like to keep my friends!
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