25 July 2006

What I Like: The Spiel

Board and card games are my current passion, so I listen to every podcast I can find on the subject. My list has been pretty stable for a while, but last week I found one I hadn't heard called The Spiel. Who knew that there could be yet another way to talk about games?

This bi-weekly show is hosted by two guys, Dave and Steven. From the very first episode, they had their format in place. To start the show, they each mention a news item from the gaming world that caught their interest. The next (and longest) segment is called The List. They keep a combined running list of games that they own that they haven't played yet, and they give a session report on games that have been played and removed from the list. They also have segments called Back Shelf Spotlight, Game Sommalier, and Truckloads of Goober.

What sets The Spiel apart from other boardgaming podcasts is that the show is less threatening to a person like me who is new to the hobby. I enjoy many other podcasts on the subject, such as The Dice Tower and Boardgame Babylon. However, I always feel like a total n00b when I listen to those shows. Dave and Steven just sound like guys who happen to own a few more games than I do. They don't talk a lot about conventions or gaming groups. They make it a point to say that they will play anything with anybody, whether it is a Eurogame or a few hands of Euchre. They seem to acknowledge that many people just want to play with their friends. If you are interested in a podcast where cribbage and Carcassonne peacefully co-exist, go check out The Spiel.
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