05 October 2006

Won't get fooled again

Entertainment Weekly recently had a thread on their website that had letters from people breaking up with TV shows as if they were boyfriends.  The only TV show that has ever made me feel like a mistreated lover is Lost.  Last night was the season premiere and ABM is still into it, but I refuse to get caught up again.

When will there be a payoff with this show?  I admit that while I am watching it, the scenes are compelling.  However, at the end of every episode I realize that the pretty pictures didn't forward the plot very much.  This is the third season and I still have questions about stuff that was introduced in the first season!  The story is dragging on too long for me.  I feel like I am being jerked around so that they can get the requisite number of episodes for syndication or a DVD box set.  There are many other options vying for my entertainment hours; I'm not going to stick around to watch them tie this mess up with a sloppy bow in season five.
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