23 December 2006

Here we go again

You can't see it very well in the photo, but that is a broken window. It fell right out while the kids were in the room playing. This is yet another thing that has gone wrong in the house in the past few months. ABM is convinced that the kids did something to the window. Perhaps they did, but I don't think they are trying to be destructive. Our windows are the type that have spring latches you can push in to pull down the whole pane for cleaning. I'm guessing the window got stuck and they just pushed whatever they thought would loosen it up. ABM would prefer to think our offspring are sabotaging the house.

This photo is also a snapshot of how I feel right now: shattered. For those who don't know, ABM stands for Angry Black Man and he is really living up to that name these days. He is having a negative reaction to everything these days. I know that he has a lot of stress. He works hard at a job he hates, the bills never seem to be caught up, and I am not as much of a help as most wives. In addition to all that, we've been in this house for a little over five years so a lot of our household belongings are reaching the repair-it-or-replace-it stage. ABM can't seem to face that so he assumes that the kids are breaking everything. I usually have to deal with two or three days of brooding after an incident like this, which means we will be having a Very Pouty Christmas.
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