08 December 2006

The Husband Factor

On workday mornings I wait until the very last second to get out of bed.  Around 6a I start thinking about the tasks I need to complete before I walk out the door so I can determine when that last second is. Often during this time I come up with solutions to problems that stumped me the day before.

Such was the case this morning; I figured out why I was having trouble loading content onto my memory card. Great, I thought. I'll get up a few minutes early and take care of it. What I forgot to allow for was the Husband Factor. This is where your spouse decides to use the same resources in the same limited amount of time, unbeknownst to you.  I woke the kids up and then went to get the computer started on its task only to find ABM burning CDs. When I went to do my hair, ABM was hogging the mirror. Everywhere I wanted to be, he was there first. I couldn't even turn on the lights I needed because he had a headache. Since I can't fuss at a sick person, I am sharing my crankiness with you. Grrr!

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