21 May 2007

My Chi-chi Weekend

Yes, that is a picture of my feet. I went down to GA to visit my sister and she treated me to my very first mani/pedi. She has one every week, and she couldn't believe that I made it to 40 without ever having my hands and feet done. Astonishing, but true. I didn't think that I would like it as much as I did, even though the manicurist gave me a mild scolding about taking better care of myself. My hands still look fairly youthful, but all the housework that I've been doing since I lost my job has roughened them up a bit. Some pampering and a simple French manicure on my natural nails made a big difference.

The nail salon wasn't the only place where I got a bit of a scolding. The day before, I went to the hairdresser to touch up my relaxer. I only have my hair done professionally once or twice a year and I go to a different person every time. Since I am not terribly skilled in the art of the coiffure and I can't stand the feeling of hair products on my hands, I am usually the poster child for split ends. The stylist I saw on Friday was a very blunt woman who told me in no uncertain terms that I needed to have three inches lopped off. I haven't worn my hair shorter than the crook of my neck in years, but now it is a little below my earlobes. It is a nice cut, though, and if I really get a hankering for long hair I can always make a stop at the wig store!

The best news of the weekend was that my sister is not going back to Peru! She had 10 months left on her assignment, but my little nephew has a minor respiratory issue that could turn into a major problem in a high-altitude, highly polluted place such as Lima. My sister would have gone back without complaint, but she is also happy to stay. There was a lot she loved about Peru, but there are also a lot of little things she missed about being in the States. A trip to Wal-Mart at 3a is a treat when you haven't done it in three years. ABM loves the Atlanta area so I have a feeling we will be making a few more trips down the highway this summer.
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