03 August 2007

My kids' latest TV obsession

For years, my kids have confined themselves to a small selection of TV channels without question. They didn't show the slightest interest in shows that were aimed at adults, or even teenagers. I didn't have to worry about them changing to an off-limits show while I was out of the room. They knew what they were allowed to watch and stayed within those guidelines.

Now that my kids are older (14, 10, 10, and 9), they are starting to broaden their horizons but not in the way that you would expect. What do I find my kids sneaking downstairs to watch late at night? GSN. Yes, my friends, the Game Show Network. Lingo, Chain Reaction, Camoflauge -- my kids love them all. They even like the old-school game shows like To Tell the Truth.

It is so sweet the way all four of them sit on the couch and try to solve the puzzles together. At a time when most parents are worried about shielding their kids from too much sex and violence on TV, my biggest TV concern is making sure they don't stay up too late watching QuizNation.
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