01 August 2007

Save a little money online with CouponChief.com

This post is brought to you by CouponChief.com

Today I took a few moments to check out a site called CouponChief. It is one of those services that collects all the coupon codes and special deal announcements from various online retailers in one place. I'm not very familiar with coupon sites, but this one seems to be laid out nicely. They have listings for retailers that the average person would be familiar with, like Target, as well as online-only retailers like Overstock.

When you click on an offer that interests you, CouponChief takes you to the page on the merchant's site that shows details of the offer. This is helpful with big sites where you can get lost looking for a deal that someone told you about. CouponChief also opens a pop-up window with the information you need to get the discount, such as the coupon code. That way you don't have to write anything down.

In my brief survey of the site, I saw several interesting deals.

--Amazon has instant rebates on several different items in their grocery section.
--BiggerBras has a 20%-off coupon.
--Joann's has 20% off any single item. Today only!

This was just what I found when I look for stuff that I am in the market for right now. There are many, many more coupon codes and sales listed.

Like I said, I don't use sites like this much. Once a year, I look up the Wal-Mart sales that are leaked a week before Black Friday, but that's about it. However, I know these sites are very useful to those who do their homework before shopping. If I did a lot of online shopping, CouponChief is a site I would bookmark.
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