28 July 2007

Got started on my Ravelry profile

I can't remember if I mentioned Ravelry here before. It is a new social network that is aimed at knitters and crocheters. Members can create a gallery of projects (finished ones and works-in-progress), complete with photos. They can also join knit-alongs and other groups, catalog their yarn and needles, and learn about other popular patterns floating around the internet. It has caused a major buzz in the online stitching community and there is a huge waiting list.

Anyway, I was lucky enough to get my invitation a few weeks' ago. When I signed up, I didn't know about the waiting list or how prized a Ravelry invitation was. I thought it was something cool, so I put my name on the list -- that's it. Once I got the invitation, I let it sit in my inbox for at least a week. Then I started hearing about all the folks who couldn't wait to get in. That made me feel bad about sitting on my invite, so I went ahead and started my profile. However, it still took me a couple more weeks before I made time to add photos and look around the site. If you want to check me out, this is my Ravelry page.

I think I will be comfortable on Ravelry. Unlike other social networks like Virb or Trig, Ravelry seems to be a place where I will fit in. You don't have to stay strictly on the knitting topic, but there is a reason for all the members to be together. I feel uncomfortable with the aimless networking on other sites. I already have this blog where I talk about general topics, so I don't see the reason to have something like a MySpace page. It feels like I am duplicating my efforts.

UPDATE: I just figured out that Ravelry is not like MySpace. You can't see my page unless you are a member. So now you've got a reason to put your name on the list!
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