28 August 2007

Start thinking about Black Friday now

ABM has gotten several Black Friday deals over the years. In fact, he and his relatives have turned Black Friday shopping into a team sport. Now that even the tech-challenged aunties have cell phones, they can stake out the different stores in the area and coordinate their game plan. If one Wal-Mart is sold out of DVD players, for instance, the person at that location can call the others to get in the DVD-player line in their locations. They come back home with stories of all the crazy antics of the other shoppers or how someone got lucky and grabbed the last of a prized item.

As everyone has gotten older, however, Black Friday shopping doesn't seem as much fun as it once was. ABM said to me last year that the few deals he got weren't worth braving all the crowds. That's why I think he will be interested in checking out blackfriday. Not only does this site give you information in advance about what items will be on sale at different stores, but closer to Thanksgiving they will also have links to the company sites so that you can get those savings online.

We have gotten the "top-secret" e-mail that gets passed around every year with the Wal-Mart deals, but that still didn't keep us from missing out on the $50 Gameboys last year. With this Black-Friday site, you can sign up to receive an e-mail alerting you to new ads and updates. No more paying $2 for the Sunday paper just to get the Best Buy specials when we can do it all online. Gotta love technology!

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