04 September 2007

Kyle XY "Leap of Faith"

Yesterday was the season finale of Kyle XY. It was a good episode but it was also a bit of a letdown. Several TV sites reported that the show would have a 23-episode run this year. So why did we get a finale after only 13 episodes? The commercials last night made it sound as though the shows would be back with the remaining 10 episodes in January. That seems to be a trend with cable series, but it is frustrating. These short seasons make me feel cheated, and a lot of times I lose interest in a show when they take a long break.

According to the online spoiler circuit, Kyle's family was supposed to find out the truth about him in episode 13. That wasn't entirely true. Kyle spent the entire episode on the road with his bad-seed clone sister Jessi while the Tragers made guesses about him. None of them were able to make the leap that some of the information about him was faked, mainly the MRI and his "real" parents. The only secrets revealed to the Tragers in this episode were that Tom Foss is on Kyle's side and that Declan has information on Kyle that he isn't sharing.

My favorite scene from this episode was when Josh started getting upset at the suspicious turn the family discussion began to take. All during the first season, Josh was the one keeping the "Kyle file" and calling him an alien. In this scene, it became clear that this was Josh's way of showing affection for Kyle. Josh did not like the idea that the rest of the family thought Kyle could be responsible for the murders in the woods.

My disappointment came in the last 10 minutes. I understood why Declan didn't speak up; he thought that he was keeping his promise to Kyle. Why didn't Tom Foss say anything? He said in the truck that the Tragers needed to find out sooner or later. Why didn't he at least tell them not to trust Madacorp?

This definitely felt like the episode networks usually would show right before the two-week Christmas break. It is not fair to make us wait 4 months or more for answers!
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