03 September 2007

No summertime blogging blues here

Tammara over at Link & Blog recently posted about summertime blogging blues. If I were the sort that actually enjoyed spending time outdoors, I might be suffering from that affliction. Instead, the heat wave gave me a good excuse to stay in front of my computer.

Actually, it seems that all the summer activity would give you something to write about instead of causing writer's block. I get the blogging blues when my life slows down and nothing is going on. Our family doesn't go to concerts or take trips. I don't belong to any organizations or go to conferences. If I dwell on it too much, I start to question why I blog at all!

The answer is that I blog because I enjoy writing. I may not have big events to report on, but I have all kinds of crazy thoughts and opinions rolling around in my head. In my real life, I have trouble talking to people. Blogging lets me communicate my thoughts without suffering through all the face-to-face jitters.
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