03 September 2007

"Kyle XY" Marathon

I've been watching the Kyle XY marathon on ABC Family since 11am. Holidays on TV mean marathons; at least this is one I can enjoy.

Kyle XY is not a show with big hype, like Grey's Anatomy. It is youthful, but it doesn't have as much pop-culture dialogue as some of my past favorites such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Gilmore Girls. Still, I enjoy it a lot. It is the perfect show for ABM and I to watch together. He likes the mystery of it: will Madacorp finally catch Kyle? I, on the other hand, still have a penchant for teen dramas, so I enjoy the relationships between the younger characters on the show. I am also drawn to magical/superhero plotlines, so I love the bits where Kyle shows his powers.

ABM and I are both looking forward to tonight's season finale. The rumour is that Kyle will finally tell his family the truth about his origins and his secret powers. This is always my favorite part of any series. I know that keeping a secret gives the writers more to work with, but I enjoy a story more when a character's immediate circle is in on it.
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