02 September 2007

Suffering from laptop withdrawal

My laptop power cord is shot. I use my laptop with the cord all the time because the battery only holds a 15-minute charge. My kids keep tripping over the cord, so now it has split. This is SO frustrating because I moved all my programs and files off the desktop so that ABM and I wouldn't have to share a computer. The chair in front of my desktop isn't even comfortable any more; it has molded to fit ABM's butt.

Whatever happened to standard cords? It seems like all my devices have special plugs and no other cord in the house will fit. The PS2 cord doesn't fit the Gamecube, the plug on a standard set of headphones won't fit my Treo, and all of the handheld devices have their own peculiar charger cords. It is aggravating to have all these cords around the house and none of them interchangeable.

Of course, ABM is in no rush to replace the cord. He already thinks that I spend too much time in front of the computer as it is. He spends a lot of time in front of the computer, too, but he thinks that I have more of an attachment. That may be true, but he isn't far behind. If something goes wrong with our internet access, he is the first one on the phone to Time Warner trying to get it fixed.

All of my entertainment and leisure time centers around the computer. It is the trade-off I've made for not being able to go out that often. I've gotten used to sitting in a comfortable spot with my laptop on my knees. Reading blogs at my desk isn't the same. Even when I am doing something away from the computer, I use it to look up game rules or knitting patterns. I listen to streaming internet radio or podcasts while I'm cleaning. I pay bills and look up answers to questions that the kids ask me. It really is the center of most of my activities.

ABM will get tired of sharing his computer soon. Then he'll buy me a cord and I'll get my laptop back!
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