16 October 2007

Winter's coming -- what do we do about the garage?

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Several months' ago, I posted about how ABM, his friend CJ, and I did a major decluttering and reorganization job in our garage. Since the weather was nice, we put one of the TVs and the game consoles out there. This solved the problem of having tons of kids tramping through our house, which drives ABM crazy. Now, however, the weather is getting cooler and my thoughts have turned to making sure this setup will still work in the winter months. Winter doesn't get as cold here as it does in other states, but I'm sure we will still need some sort of garage heater to keep the kids from playing Super Smash Brothers with mittens on :-). ABM has said for months that he wants to turn the garage into a game room, and it looks like we may slowly be getting there.
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