17 October 2007

Double-check your insurance coverage

It is time again to get M and C2's eyes examined. Their frames have really taken a beating, so even if their prescriptions don't change we still need to buy new glasses. The first time the girls got glasses, the expense was covered by their insurance at the time. Last year, we had to pay out of pocket because ABM said his insurance through work didn't come with a vision plan.

Since the girls are so hard on their glasses, I've been researching discount eyeglass chains to see where we can get a deal. Today, I thought I found the perfect place so I sent ABM an excited text message about it. He immediately calls me and the first words out of his mouth are, "You are going to be mad at me because I am mad at myself." It turns out that he does have a vision plan for the kids -- $15 for the eye exam and glasses free up to $130. We could have saved $100 on M and C2's eye exams last year! I kept my head and didn't chew him out. Instead, I directed my energy toward thanking God that we can get their glasses straightaway rather than trying to figure out how the expense can be worked into our budget.
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