04 November 2007

Finally time to think about holiday shopping

This post is brought to you by your friends at Shopping.com.

Now that Halloween is over, we can start directing our attention to Christmas. If I had my way, we would start buying Christmas presents in August. There is something calming for me about having all the shopping done by the end of November. Unfortunately, ABM doesn't see it that way. He would rather wait until after Thanksgiving.

In a way, he is right. Even though stores start putting out Christmas decorations earlier and earlier every year, they don't start the good sales until November. This is especially true if you are buying gifts for kids. Some companies don't even release their hotly anticipated items until right before Christmas.

However, I still would prefer to shop early. Not only that, I would prefer to shop online. For people like me, Shopping.com is a good idea. It is a site where you can compare prices for a certain item from the comfort of your living room. For instance, I looked up the Nintendo Wii. I got a list of stores that are selling it, the prices, reviews of the stores, and reviews of the product itself. The list also tells you if the item is in stock, which is important with a hard-to-find item like the Wii. A service like this helps you find an unadvertised good price without fighting the crowds. It's just something else to have in your shopping arsenal.
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