28 January 2008

C2's Writing Struggles

Poor C2. For the longest time, she was only half a step behind her twin sister as far as schoolwork was concerned. I've known since she was a baby that she wasn't as intellectual as C1, but I was given glimmers of hope over the years. As I've said many times, C2 is the card sharp of the family. grasps game concepts more quickly than many of our adult friends. However, the gap between C2 and her sister has become more evident and I think it is bringing her down.

The main struggle right now is writing. There is a strong emphasis placed on writing essays and stories in the 4th and 5th grade here. Unfortunately, writing is not C2's strength. Even with a writing prompt, she can't think of anything to put down on paper. Her teacher that she is below grade level in this area, so I am trying to help her. None of the suggestions seem to stick, though.

I had a thought that maybe role-playing games would help. Tabletop RPGs are basically storytelling, right? I've read that there are some good ones for kids, and I've always wanted to try a role-playing game. Perhaps if I can build up C2's oral storytelling skills, then we can transfer that to the page.
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