28 January 2008

Got up off my butt

Well, I tried the Masala Bhangra workout on the Exercise On Demand channel. If you have Time Warner digital cable, you may be able to find it under Kids. It is a 15-minute excerpt from a longer DVD called Masala Bhangra for Kids.

I love the dancing in Bollywood movies so bhangra workouts always look like fun. However, bhangra is not that easy for a fat chick like me. I move faster in my mind than I do in reality, and bhangra is done to a pretty quick tempo. After 5 minutes I was tempted to give up. The good thing about kids' workouts, though, is that the instructor switches to a different movement just when I think I can't take any more of the current one. So I stuck it out and did the whole 15 minutes. I may even try the same workout again this week.
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