28 May 2008

Sickness and Schedules

A summer cold has descended upon my household, making four out of six of us miserable. The funny thing is that we all woke up sick at the same time. Usually one of us gets sick and it sets off a chain reaction of the second kid getting sick just as the first one is getting better. I'm not used to all of us getting sick together. Perhaps it will be over quick.

It is unfortunate that we are all sick today because we have stuff to do. M has her final band concert tonight and the other kids are in a church musical tonight. How are they going to play and sing when they have stuffy noses and chest congestion? Once we get through this day, I may let them all play hooky from school tomorrow.

I feel bad that we can't attend both functions, but I imagine parents with more that one kid go through this a lot. Our situation has an additional wrinkle because I don't drive, so ABM and I can't split duties. Luckily, we have the MIL who can attend M's function while we go to the other one. This is only going to get worse as the kids get older and more involved in things, isn't it?
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