22 May 2008

Sock Wars III is over for me

Sock Wars III, originally uploaded by daniinnc_2000.

So I have been beaten in Sock Wars. My Detonator socks arrived on Tuesday. I knew that I wouldn't last long, but I figured I should at least try. When a week went by, I nursed a brief glimmer of hope. After I got my socks, I emailed my assassin to let her know that she got me. It turns out that I wasn't her original target. She beat my assassin and then had to knit my socks. This means that these people are knitting way faster than I thought!

These socks were a great fit and I loved them, but I sacrificed and gave them to the MIL. Why? Because she has worn the last two pairs I made her until they were nothing but string. I was supposed to make her a new pair two years' ago. Yes, that's me, the bad daughter-in-law. So I figured the least I could do was give up this pair.

According to my assassin, the yarn used for these sock was Trekking XXL. I knew it wasn't the recommended Tofutsies because it didn't feel like dental floss. C1 fell in love with the color changes and wants a pair for herself. She's a knitter so now is as good a time as any for her to learn how to knit socks. I don't think I will spend the $17 for Trekking XXL. Lion Brand has Magic Stripes for half that price.

Even though I got knocked out early, Sock Wars III has encouraged me to try other knit-alongs. I've been knitting for long enough that I should be taking more chances and trying new things. More on that later.

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