21 May 2008

TipNut.com (What's in my Google Reader?)

My Google Reader is loaded down with feeds. Since it is free and doesn't involve cluttering my bedside table with books, I subscribe to any blog that intrigues me. However, I don't get around to reading all of those feeds every day. As I type this, I am subscribed to 73 blogs with 333 unread entries. Out of that 73 there are about five blogs that I check every single day. TipNut is one of them.

TipNut is an aggregation blog, which is a blog whose primary purpose is to share links to posts on other blogs. I don't know if that is the official term, but that is what I call it. TipNut's particular niche is household hints. I've seen other blogs that offer household hints, but I like the feel of TipNut. The page design is clean and easy for my weak eyes to read. Also, the author doesn't just link to the article; the post on TipNut also has comments about how to make the particular tip work better.

The true appeal of TipNut for me as a person with a retro bent is the old-fashioned feeling. For instance, TipNut has many posts about homemade cleansers but they aren't presented in a modern "green" fashion. I get the feeling that author uses these recipes to simplify life and do things the way our grandmothers would have done them. Adding to that impression are the vintage patterns for items like laundry bags and embroidered dish towels. If you are a person who is trying to create a cozy environment for your family, you would do well to make TipNut a daily read.
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