06 June 2008

Random Friday

--Today was the last day of school for my kids, and the last day of elementary school for C1 and C2. The new principal decided to have a little graduation ceremony. Most of the elementary schools around here don't do that, but I remember having a 5th grade graduation when I was a kid in NY. The girls all wore white dresses and we sang "We've Only Just Begun" for our parents. The memory of it made me wish I had baby's breath to put in the girls' hair this morning.

--I spotted five baby tomatoes on my plants today! They are all on the two plants that I predicted would do the best, and four of them are on one plant. I'm excited and scared at the same time. These plants are doing better than any plants I've tried to grow since being married. However, we are hitting heatwave temperatures in NC; it is 95 degrees outside as I type this. Whenever I've had plants before, it has been the heat that has killed them. I know that I won't forget to water my little patch but I'm wondering if that will be enough to keep them from shriveling up and dying.

--I'm still struggling with prioritizing my day. There are so many things that I want to accomplish, but I don't know how to fit it all in. Some of the stuff may not seem important, like knitting, but what's the use of being at home if I can't add some little niceties to my family's life? As much as I hate working outside the home, I am beginning to appreciate the structure it brought to my day. My biggest problem as a SAHM is that I let too much time slip away from me. I'll start on a certain task, planning to devote an hour to it, and the next thing I know I've spend three hours on it. Perhaps I need to make a schedule so I can make sure that I devote a little time to each task.

--I'm still trying to decide if I should delete my book blog, Average Girl Reads. I don't update it often, but I do like to write about books on occasion. The comments I want to make about the books I read would fit better on this blog than a separate one, but whenever I am tempted to delete the other one I talk myself out of it. I tell myself that I am going to read more and start updating regularly, but that doesn't happen. I think that this weekend I am going to be ruthless and just click the Delete button.
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