29 October 2008

Heat at last!

The temperature experiment is over: ABM turned on the heat this morning. I'm afraid I influenced his decision. I tried my best not to complain or make a big deal about being cold, but he saw me sitting on the couch wearing a scarf while reading a book and flipped the switch on the thermostat. All the while he was grumbling that I looked like I was dressed for snow. I told him about the little bet the kids and I had going, and he said that he had been waiting for 01 November to turn on the heat. He also said that had he known there was a contest, he probably could have held out until December.

The one good thing about the little game is that I realized that I could have held out a little longer. Sure, my joints ache and it is too cold to take my clothes off, but if it makes a big difference in our electric bill, I might consider holding out longer next year. In the meantime, I'm warming up the house and taking a hot bath!
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