28 October 2008

More on the temperature wars

I'm playing a little game that I haven't told ABM about. I want to see how long it takes for him to turn the heat on himself. I am always the first one to turn it on and he always complains that it is hot. I don't know how cold it has to be for him to consider it cold. So I haven't turned the heat on at all this season. Don't worry; I'm not freezing the kids. C1 and C2 don't have vents in their bedroom so I let them turn their radiator on, as usual. M stays with the MIL during marching band season, and DJ has extra blankets.

The one who is suffering the most in this little game is me. I'm home all day so I don't get to escape to school or an office that is heated. For the past couple weeks, it has only been tough in the morning because the outdoor temperatures have approached 70 in the afternoon and warmed up the house a bit. This morning, however, I was tempted to turn the heat on. It was 33 when I woke the kids and it has only warmed to 48. I'm wearing layers and I still feel an ache in my joints from the cold.

ABM hasn't noticed that the heat is still off. As a matter of fact, he silently added another thermometer to our bedroom. I suppose he wants to prove to me that he has a reason to keep running the fan every night. So now I have two thermometers in my bedroom that never go below 70. I think he has them rigged. Maybe he is the one playing games and trying to convince me it is warm so we can keep the furnace off longer and save money.
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