21 November 2008

Foodie Friday: Shopping for the month

--ABM and I went grocery shopping two weeks' ago. I made my list as carefully as possible and tried to be conservative by limiting convenience items and buying the cheapest brand of everything. We still managed to spend $175 on groceries. Combined with what I already have in the house, I will be trying to make those groceries last until the end of the month. Heaven help me!

--I cleaned out my pantry after the shopping trip to refresh my mental picture of what I'm working with. The MIL, God bless her, brings us all kinds of unusual food items that she finds on sale. Since I'm the one who introduced ABM to Chinese food, she figures that I can use whatever she finds. For instance, I have an abundance of brown rice. We don't eat brown rice. I'm afraid if I cook it, the kids will turn their noses up at it, but it feels wasteful to throw it away. So I've got to find a use for it.

--Isn't powdered milk supposed to be a budget item? We paid $3.59 for a gallon of milk last week. The powdered milk was $3.55 for enough to make three quarts of milk. The fresh milk is the better value right now. I went ahead and bought the powdered milk so I could have a backup on the shelf for the weeks when ABM doesn't go to the grocery store. My kids won't drink it but I use it in my cooking. I wish I could find a cheaper source for it.

--I tried two new recipes this week: Chicken, Sausage, and Brown Rice Soup and Vanilla Raisin Bread. The soup turned out pretty well and gave me another recipe for chicken thighs. I also know what to do with that brown rice in my cabinet now. The raisin bread wasn't such a success. It rose higher that the other raisin bread recipe I tried, but C1 didn't like it that much. I guess I'll keep trying.
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