25 November 2008

Now Exiting Brokeville

Before I had a chance to blog about my job interview yesterday, I was offered the job! Thank you to everyone who prayed for my family and to everyone who got me through my interview jitters on Twitter yesterday. The holiday season will still be lean because I am not getting my first check until after Christmas. In a way that is a good thing. We won't be tempted to go overboard buying presents. I won't be leaving Brokeville right away, but at least I can see my exit.

The job is a data entry position at an insurance company. It is straight data entry, without all the reading and pondering that slows me down. If I have time to think and second-guess myself, it tanks my productivity. I like data entry, so I'm hoping I will be happy there. There is a strong possibility that the job will be phased out in June when they go through a computer software conversion, but at least I will earn money for the next six months. This last period of unemployment has put me and ABM in a more frugal frame of mind, so I think we will be in a better financial state if I find myself jobless during the summer.

In the past, working outside the home has really drained me because I am a naturally low-energy person. I'm hoping that since the kids are old enough to help with the housework, I will be able to keep up with other tasks like baking bread and tending my garden. The kids have already become accustomed to that stuff. Even if I can't, I'm still thankful for this job. We came too close to being truly broke this time around. I don't want to experience that again.
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