06 November 2008

No self-help book for me

This morning I wasted three hours on the internet, looking for books to add to my reading list. I started out looking for old-fashioned cookbooks to help me with my Foodie Friday posts. I want recipes with very simple ingredients because our food budget is tight. Amazon's "people also bought this" feature led me to books on general housekeeping and family management. I added a few of these books to my list, but I came to the realization once again that the magical book I am looking for doesn't exist.

The issue is that our family life doesn't fit into any of the categories. Budget books are aimed at people who have gone wild with their spending, but we've cut out practically every luxury and some items people would consider necessities. Books for stay-at-home moms target mothers of infants and toddlers, so I'm assuming they think moms of tweens and teens have it all figured out. Gardening books are written for people who actually have money to invest in their gardens as a hobby, not for people like me who are trying to garden on the cheap.

Maybe I don't need a book. Maybe I need somebody to kick me in the butt and make me more enthusiastic about my day-to-day life. Perhaps if I look at life from a different angle, the future won't seem so bleak.
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