02 December 2008

Does this really work?

I came across the strangest blog today, called Books and Images. It is a book review blog, but each review is accompanied by a photo of an actress. Mind you, the actress is never mentioned anywhere in the review. I'm assuming she's just there so that if someone searches for images of the actress, the blog will pop up in the search results. I tried it, though, and it didn't work. When I did a search for "Rihanna images", the blog never showed up in the results. So much for that.

What I don't get is how the blog author thought this would work. Even if the blog did pop up in the search results, once a reader gets there and sees that the accompanying post isn't filled with gossip about Rihanna, then she won't stick around to read. What's more, several of the images show the actresses in revealing clothing next to reviews of books with a religious angle. A Christian is not going to trust the opinion of a reviewer who put a half-naked picture of Britney Spears with the recview. The audience for the photos and the audience for the pictures are two separate groups; I don't see how this mashup could possibly be working.
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