08 December 2008

Preparations for my first day of work

Yes, it is 6:45p on the evening before the first day of my new job, and I am blogging instead of preparing. Most people probably don't have to do much before their first day. Since I don't drive and I get bored easily, I practically have to pack an overnight bag :-). Here's my list:

1. Pick out something to wear. This will be tough because I've gained weight since my last job and I didn't have many nice outfits even when I was 20 pounds lighter. I need something that looks nice but also goes with my most comfortable shoes, just in case I get a tour of the building.

2. Experiment with makeup. It's been two years since I've worn anything more than lip gloss, but I feel like I should put my best foot forward on this job.

3. Pack lunch and snacks. I only got a brief look at the break room, so I don't want to trust the vending machines to provide me with a good lunch. Also, I will have to wait a while in the evening for ABM to pick me up, so I'll need sustenance.

4. Load music and podcasts onto my Centro. I probably won't have a chance to sit at a desk and zone out on the first day, but I will probably be eating lunch alone so I will need entertainment. It's been a while since I've had to take podcasts on the road, so I'll have to updated my Podcast Ready account.

5. Pick reading material to take along. I'll need a book or magazine just in case the battery runs low on my Centro or I run out of podcasts.

6. Finish filling out benefit forms. I know I should have filled them out last week, but I'm a procrastinator.

I guess I am in semi-denial about starting work tomorrow. However, I don't want show up with air of nonchalance about me. I need this job, and I want my employers to feel that I want to be there. I can't let my misgivings about juggling work and home show through.
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