10 May 2009

Star Trek!

As I've mentioned here before, I only go to the movie theatre about once a year. The cost of a movie ticket combined with the comfort of watching movies on DVD at home has made me reluctant to go. The few movies that I think are worth leaving the house for (special FX extravaganzas) are the ones that ABM goes to see with his friends. He sometimes asks me to go with him, but I've become so accustomed to not going to the theatre that I usually say no.

I almost said no again today when ABM asked if I wanted to go to see Star Trek, but now I'm glad I didn't. OMG, it was great! I haven't read any opinions from my geeky online friends yet because I'm not ready to have my good feeling from the movie ruined. I'm sure they saw plot holes that you could fly a starship through, but I don't care. The story was simple enough for my kids to understand, which was good because this was their first Star Trek experience. It was also simple enough for me to understand, which I appreciated because I get confused when the movie is action-heavy.

I was so excited while watching the movie that I wanted to get all spoilerific and do Twitter updates while I was in the theatres. However, I thought that might be rude. Here are a few thoughts I was having:

--Sulu didn't seem nearly as bad-ass in the TV show as he was in this movie.

--The guy who played Chekhov is familiar to me from kids' television but I couldn't remember which show. A quick trip to IMDB once I got home revealed I remember Anton Yelchin's face from a movie he did called Charlie Bartlett. I wanted to see that movie but never did. By the way, Yelchin actually is Russian. His parents were professional figure-skaters who emigrated to the US when he was six months old, so I guess it wasn't hard for him to come up with the accent.

--What the heck is Tyler Perry doing in this movie? It was a bit part and I don't think he needs the money. Could this mean that he is a fan who pulled strings to get a part?

Unless I'm mistaken, I think J. J. Abrams left the door open for sequels to be made without being to obvious about it. Much of the sci-fi out there doesn't appeal to me (no Battlestar Galactica for me), so I would welcome a revival of the Star Trek franchise with this cast.
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