10 May 2009

The Obligatory Mother's Day Post

You guys know that I am not big on the touchy-feely holiday stuff -- at least not in real life. I will weep unashamedly at the sappiest Lifetime Network movie, but all the real-life tributes to moms make me want to gag. I don't know why I'm like that. Maybe it is because I am not the type of picture-perfect mom who inspires such tributes :-).

Because of my strange temperament, the segment on CBS Sunday Morning about mother guilt was especially uplifting to me. If I hadn't watched that, today's post would have been a whiny one about what a bad mother I am. Instead, I was reminded of and reassured by the fact that I can still be a mother who loves her kids even though I don't feed them organic food or take them to the park. As one of the mothers in the segment said: when you look at Britney Spears partying every night and forgetting to put her panties on before she goes out, at least you can take comfort in the knowledge that you aren't that bad.

Don't get me wrong -- I still fantasize about meeting the Proverbs 31 ideal:

27She looks well to the ways of her household,
And does not eat the bread of idleness.

28Her children rise up and bless her;
Her husband also, and he praises her, saying:

29"Many daughters have done nobly,
But you excel them all."

Barring a miracle, I probably won't ever get there, but it helps to remember that I could be a lot worse.
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