29 June 2009

Music Monday: Misguided Angel by Cowboy Junkies

Have you ever had an album that you played so much that you couldn't listen to anything else by that artist? That's what happened with me and the Cowboy Junkies' album called The Trinity Session. I bought it about 15 years' ago and played it so much I had all the songs memorized, including the order they appeared on the CD. This was one of the group's earliest recordings and they have released about 10 more CDs since then, but I can't bring myself to try them. That first one is so perfect to me that I won't be able to enjoy anything else they've done, especially if they've gone in a different creative direction.

For those who have Time Warner Cable service, there is a Cowboy Junkies concert in the on-demand offerings this month called Trinity Revisited. Check it out if you want to hear why I loved that album so much.
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