27 June 2009

Wanting What I Can't Have

I was in the mood to watch a movie this morning, so I browsed the new arrivals in NetFlix's Watch Instantly section. Since I wanted something light, I settled on The Ramen Girl. Added it to my queue, hit Play, and nothing. NetFlix had the movie listed as available for streaming, but then it gave me a message of "unavailable" when I tried to play it. Grrr!

Once I saw that I couldn't watch the movie, suddenly I really wanted to watch it. The same thing happened a few months ago when I wanted to watch The House Bunny. Why do I get so obsessive about these B movies? It's not really the movies themselves; it's just being told I can't watch what I want when I want to. As soon as something is withheld, it rises in importance and becomes more desirable. I guess the old adage is true: you always want what you can't have.
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