26 June 2009

Foodie Friday: Dragging Appliances Out Of Storage

Somehow we ended up with not one, but TWO, GE electric roaster ovens. ABM swears that each of our mothers gave us one for Christmas one year, but I didn't realize we even had them until M's Sweet 16 party when we were looking for something to keep the meatballs and chicken wings warm. Furthermore, I didn't know that such a gadget existed. I'm glad I know about it now, though, because my stupid oven is on the fritz again.

So far this electric roaster is great. I've used it to make a whole chicken, barbecued chicken legs, and cornbread. It has temperature settings just like a normal oven (none of this high/low stuff) and most of my baking pans fit inside of it. ABM hates to see appliances sitting on the counter, but I don't care. If we aren't going to pay to get the oven serviced, then I want to be able to cook like a normal person. I'm tired of trying to adapt everything to the stovetop or the crockpot.
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