15 December 2009

Knitting with makeshift supplies

New Message, originally uploaded by daniinnc_2000.

This photo illustrates what happens when you leave the house without checking to see if you have all the proper knitting supplies. Alternately, you could say this is what happens when you don't read ahead in a pattern, as is often suggested.

I took the 5-hour baby sweater that I've been working on to M's band concert yesterday, only to find that I was at the point in the pattern where I needed to put the front stitches on a holder. I can't face a band concert without knitting; it keeps me from fidgeting. Luckily, C1 had a stretchy hair band that she wasn't wearing. Add a bobby pin, and I had a makeshift stitch holder!

An aside: I am loving this yarn that I bought from Hobby Lobby. I think it is their store brand, and it is called I Love This Yarn. I know that yarn snobs find most cheap acrylics icky, but they aren't all created equal. Some are stiff and scratchy, but this one is soft and has a nice elasticity to it that makes a knitter say, "Just one more row!"

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