27 May 2010

Extreme American Idol Fan

I found this video via @ebertchicago on Twitter, who found it on a blog called eject. In a nutshell, it shows a fan's extreme reaction to the outcome of the American Idol finale.

I'm not going to be as rude as some of the commenters on YouTube, but I must say that I have never understood this level of fandom. I mean, I consider myself a big fan of So You Think You Can Dance but I have never voted and I don't get emotional over the outcome. As a matter of fact, with most reality shows I tend to lose interest as the pool of contestants dwindles. With The Biggest Loser, I rarely stick around once it gets down to the final four. For me these shows are more about the performances (or in the case of The Biggest Loser, the dramas) along the way than who ultimately wins.
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