18 June 2010

Before and After Photos: Tightly Curly Method

This is my hair right before I washed it last night. I wore a twist-out all this week so all that was in my hair was water and a little curl activator gel. You would have to look VERY closely to see any curl pattern.

This is my hair today. For my Caucasian friends and relaxed friends, here is a brief overview of the method:

--Wash hair with conditioner instead of shampoo
--Add leave-in conditioner while hair is sopping wet
--Brush hair in small sections with special brush to encourage the natural wave pattern
--Smooth individual curls with your fingers to make them more defined

For my natural "sistahs" who want to know what products I used:

--V05 Herbal Escapes conditioner to wash my hair (LeFlesh recommends a cheap one, and you can't beat 99 cents!)
--Herbal Essences Totally Twisted as my leave-in conditioner
--A Goody Pro Root Lifter brush (a lot of naturals use Denman brushes, but this is similar)

I'm not 100% happy with the results, but I'm not ready to call the experiment a failure yet. I loved the way the back looked last night after it was brushed; it curled up beautifully without much coaxing. However, this morning it looks like I've been twirling my fingers in my hair at random spots. LeFlesh says not to add that much water in the morning and not to finger-comb the hair, but I think I would need to do both. My hair is much shorter than hers, so all it did when I took it out of the buns this morning was stick straight up! I'll have to fiddle with this regimen a bit before I decide whether it is for me.

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Anonymous said...

For your texture hair, I would try the method up until you put the conditioner in. Then detangle, but instead of clumpimg strands together, run your fingers through your conditioner soppy hair. Air dry. That may give a more refined version of your before picture (which by the way I actually like). At night just cover hair with a silk scarf, and tossle gently with fingers in the morning.