17 June 2010

Excited About Trying a New Hair Regimen

During my internet travels this week I found out about Tightly Curly. It is a hairstyling regimen discovered by a woman, Teri LaFlesh, who spent 30 years trying to figure out what to do with her hair while growing up in an environment where almost no one had hair like hers. After reading about the technique, I ran out to the store at the first opportunity to buy what I needed to

Even though I am not biracial like LaFlesh, I can identify somewhat with her struggle. My mother is biracial and she didn't know how to do anything with our hair other than relax it. When I hit my teen years and fell in love with everything about the 1960s including the Afros, there was no one around me who valued natural hair. I would make timid attempts to go natural, only to get frustrated and relax my hair again because I didn't have any role models or information on how to make the best of the texture God blessed me with.

Anyway, tonight I will be trying out the Tightly Curly method after I wash my hair. If I can get decent photos of the results, I'll post them here.
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