20 October 2010

Introducing the Family Fitness Contest

I came up with the idea of having a weekly contest with the kids. My thought was that it might inspire me to work on exercises other than walking. Silly me! I didn't practice at all before this week's contest. Neither did the kids, even though the prize was something they all coveted -- a new pair of earbuds.

This week's contest was to see who could do the most sit-ups in one minute. Our winner was C2, with 40 sit-ups. Out of all the kids, C2 is the one who would be considered "thick" or very curvy. In most people's eyes, she would be the least physically fit of the four. Those folks would be oh-so-wrong. She frequently beats the other kids in feats of strength and endurance. In this contest, she did 12 more sit-ups than her brother and twice as many as her twin.

How many sit-ups did I eke out? A paltry 18. We all decided that we should do sit-ups again in four weeks. Next week? Jumping jacks. Up for grabs? A six-pack of Life Water. Yes, my kids have strange tastes.
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