30 January 2011

Mulling Over Plans for 2011

Most people wrote this kind of post on New Year's Day. Since I am late in everything else, it shouldn't be a surprise that I am late in looking over my plans for the year, should it?

Sunday is the day when I do most of my writing, so naturally my thoughts have turned to the structure of my blog. Some of you may know that in addition to this blog, I started a game blog and a book blog a couple years ago. In hindsight, it was overly confident of me to think that I could write often enough to keep three blogs going. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? Anyway, today I finally gave in and wrote an "on hiatus" post for my game blog. That means that any game-related thoughts I have will start showing up on this blog. Hopefully posts about card games and XBox 360 won't be too much of a shock to those you who show up to read about my latest identity crisis.

I've also decided that I will be posting about books more often on this blog. Even though I do have a book blog, I've noticed that most other book bloggers post about fiction and biographies. Rarely do I see reviews of practical tomes on subjects like knitting, gardening, and the like. Since I do read a LOT of books in those genres and since the subject matter seems to go along with the theme of this blog, I will be posting my thoughts on those books here. Of course, if you are curious about what novels and memoirs I've been reading, feel free to hop on over to Average Girl Reads and find out.

Outside of my blog, I am renewing my effort to engage in more activities that make me happy. I don't have a lot of energy (thanks to my MS diagnosis, now I know why), but what I have I want to devote to little projects that will make our lives more pleasant. The kids are getting better at handling the day-to-day chores like laundry and dishes, so I can tackle those tasks that we keep putting off like cleaning out the junk drawers or fixing the broken handle on the bathtub faucet. I bet you thought I was going to say bubble baths and mani-pedis, didn't you?

Anyway, stay tuned! Whatever I end up doing in 2011, I'm hoping to write about it.
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