30 January 2012

Looking back at January's goals and forward to February

As promised, I am looking back at the resolutions I made at the beginning of January to see how I am doing and if any adjustments need to be made.

--Spend at least 30 minutes a night on some chore: I am doing pretty well with this one. Except for a couple evenings where vertigo took over and I had to stay in bed, I managed to accomplish something every day after work. I've cleared a virus off one of the computers, cleaned out drawers and closets, and folded plenty of laundry. If I can stick to this throughout February, I will feel comfortable enough to call it a habit.

--Read four books a month: This is the area where I am slacking. I've only finished one book this month and that was a graphic novel, which are generally quick to read. To meet my goal in February I'll have to have two books on the go, one nonfiction and one fiction.

--Stitch five items for myself:  I didn't do much work towards this goal, other than knitting a few more rows on my Lanesplitter skirt.

I'm very happy with my progress on my first goal, but I think the other two need tweaking. So I am adding a couple more goals for February that I think will help me.

--Limit my internet usage on work nights:  My aim for February will be to only get on my laptop after work if I need to pay a bill. This will free me up to either do needlework or read. Being honest with myself, I have to say that this will be a tough one. Everyone knows that I am a bit of an online junkie, but I truly want to add some diversity to my leisure time.

--Survey my wardrobe and pick out the five projects I want to stitch for myself:  Making a list should help me make this goal more real instead of a "someday" idea.

At 45 I am more sure of myself, my skills, and what I want out of my life. The purpose of these goals is to make my surroundings reflect that growing confidence.

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