09 April 2012

No, I don't want to join your shopping network

One of the latest online trends seems to be shopping clubs. Sites with names like JustFab and HauteLook promise deep discounts on designer clothing and accessories. Their slant is that they offer a small number of items for a limited time -- usually one day or less if the items sell out. I think it is a fun concept. Having someone curate a collection of garments, especially if the site is associated with a famous actress or model, can help a gal stay on top of the newest fashions more easily.

Unlike the shirt-of-the-day enterprises, however, many of these high-fashion sites don't even let you browse without giving them all your contact information. I'm not a freak about privacy, so I don't usually have a problem giving my name and email address to a website. However, it is annoying to give that info and take the time to fill out a "style profile" only to find out that the clothes and/or the prices are out of my range. I've signed up on shoe sites only to find that they don't carry flats and clothing sites that don't have sizes above a 12. I can understand making me sign up before I buy anything, but at least let me browse a little so I can get an idea if the site is for me.
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