07 July 2012

Household organization, or revisiting The Box

The last time I wrote about The Box, it was about five years ago. As I mentioned, that organizational system worked pretty well once I realized that I was the boss and the box was just a tool, not my master. My problem is that I don't have much luck sticking to household routines once big life changes get in the way.

The only household organization trick that has lasted more than a few months is the chore calendar I have for my kids. We have used this same basic system for years, although it has gone through several iterations since we first started using it. For instance, in the beginning I kept all the assignments in my head but about a year ago I switched to putting it on a wall calendar. All the kids know that their chores may change if there is something unusual going on, such as DJ having surgery or M coming home from uni for the summer. However, if it is a normal day they know to consult the calendar and do what is listed there unless told differently. 

Reflecting on how successful we've been with the kids' chore calendar has inspired me to try using a household system for myself again. The chore calendar works for basic daily cleaning, but I need more than that. I like to call myself a free spirit, but in reality I need at least the framework of a schedule to get myself started. Working outside the home makes the schedule too tight, but being at home without any plan makes me feel aimless and unmotivated.

My choice now is to either try to find my original box or go with a different system. I can hear you all screaming "Flylady!", but if you read the post I linked above then you know I've already tried that one several times. I didn't like it as much as my box. I want something to help me schedule my leisure activities like knitting as well as tasks like closet cleaning. Watch this space to see what I end up with.
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